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A.G.M Notice


  • The St.Clere's F.C. AGM will be held on Tuesday 16th June 2020 via the zoom online platform at 6.30pm
  • Anyone affiliated to the Club are welcome to attend but must be over 16. Participation in the online AGM must be requested directly to our Club Secretary Sarah-Jane Fox by Sunday 14th June 2020.
  • New club rule proposals must be submitted in advance to the Club Secretary before Sunday 14th June 2020 ,so they can be discussed during the meeting but there will be opportunity for questions to be raised on the night at the committee's discretion.
  • Elections for Committee roles will take place - all current members are standing for re-election are listed below, If you would like to stand as a new member of the Committee, you should contact the Club Secretary Sarah-Jane Fox by Sunday14th June 2020 to register your name.
  • The names of members standing for re-election, along with any new nominees will updated on the club website before the meeting commences
  • Please ensure you have your say about your club !                          


  • Changes to the Club Rules to be voted on for inclusion into the Club rules for 2020/21 on-wards include-

  • Proposal for the club to push forward with EJA football and possible twinning with clubs like East Thurrock United and #Hashtag United. This will give an opportunity of a better standard of football and increase chances of players being oicked up by Academies. When most teams hit U13 age group and above, most players of a good standard want EJA football. (Dave Darby)

  • Any team, individual or manager found to be breaking the club rules or the constitution of the club will be liable to a fine at the discretion of the club committee. (Bill Mumford)

Notice is hereby given that the 10th Annual General Meeting of St.Clere's Football Club will be held on :

Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 6.30pm via the online zoom platform. (due to Covid-19 restrictions)

All are welcome!

Important Notice to all Parents from the Chairman

As you will no doubt already be aware, we have reached yet again the long-awaited opportunity for us all to exercise our constitutional right by voting at the St.Clere's Football Club Annual General Meeting and it gives me great pleasure to invite all players and parents to the meeting (attendees though must be over 16)

The formal purpose of the AGM is to report on the financial position of the Club, and conduct the annual process of appointing the Committee and amending the Club Rules as required. On the list below you will see details of the current members standing for re-election, and if you would like to stand as a new member of the Committee, you should contact , by 14th June 2020, the Club Secretary Sarah-Jane Fox  [email protected] .The names of members standing for re-election, along with any new nominees will be posted on the website before the meeting. Similarly, if you wish to propose any resolutions under the terms of the constitution, please let Sarah-Jane know.

We will be devoting the majority of the meeting to updating everyone on the club vision, we developed over the last couple of years, our progress since the beginning, and our priorities for the years ahead. We are always looking for people who have skills they can offer to help in running the Club, and so if you think you may want to help in any way, there will be an opportunity to talk to us about what we do, and how you might get involved.

The meeting will be held in an informal atmosphere, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and express your views, so please make every effort to attend .

On behalf of the Committee, I look forward very much to seeing you there and talking with you.

Bill Mumford

Chairperson, St.Clere's Football Club


            Nominations for Committee Re-Elections or Proposals 2020/2021

                          To be Elected at the AGM Tuesday 16th June 2020


Current Positions to stand down               Nominees 2020/21

President (not up for Re-Election)                                                Jon Purkiss                          

Chairperson  Bill Mumford                                                          Bill Mumford                  

Club Secretary   Sarah-Jane Fox                                                 Sarah-Jane Fox                      

Treasurer Jon Purkiss                                                                   Jon Purkiss

School Liaison Officer Tina Richards                                         Tina Richards     

Social Secretary  Nikki Sansom                                                    Michael Sansom  

Pitch Secretary   Tina Richards                                                   Tina Richards                         

Vice Chairman    Michael Sansom                                             Michael Sansom                      

Minutes Secretary Sarah-Jane Fox                                            Sarah- Jane Fox

Welfare Officers Nikki Sansom/Richard Pumfrett              Vacant/ Richard Pumfrett          

Youth Development Officer Ricky Graves                                 Ricky Graves

Website/Media Secretary Richard Pumfrett                           Richard Pumfrett

Kit Secretary Jay Harrison                                                          Tina Richards

Referee Secretary Tina Richards                                                Tina Richards

Charter Standard Champion Vacant                                              Vacant

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