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     Danny Price

  Danny Price - A true inspiration 

It is with great sadness St. Clere's FC pays tribute to a founder member  of the club, Danny Price. Danny was the driving force in the creation of  the club. Following a huge amount of work and forming a grassroots  footballing philosophy Danny, together with our President Jon Purkiss,  formed St. Clere's FC in November 2008. The club kicked off in the  2009/10 season with a handful of teams, one of which was Danny's  team. Danny brought together a wealth of experience in grassroots  football and created a stable foundation to create a flourishing club.

Jon met Danny through working on community projects at the school and running Wesley's (Danny's eldest son) school football team. Speaking of the news, Jon recalls the early days in the club's history,  "Danny was a passionate and dedicated football man. He had a clear  vision for grassroots football that was refreshing, it was something he  strongly believed in. The vision he had was ambitious, to create a  club  from nothing. Without Danny, St. Clere's FC would not be here today -  he is an inspiration to us all".

St. Clere's FC has thrived thanks to the club Danny helped to create. We now have over twenty teams incorporating more than 300 members. All have reflected this weekend and shown their appreciation to him. Without individuals like Danny, grassroots clubs like ours would simply not exist. 

The Committee will continue to work towards the philosophy set out by Danny and offer our condolences to his family at this sad time, all of whom are always welcome at the club.

St. Clere's FC paid tribute to Danny at our games this week and it was a honour to welcome Tracey, Wes and Spencer to our U16 cup game this weekend. The U16 Orange and Tigers (pictured below) were honoured to host Danny's family.  


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