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  December 2016

Members of the U7 and U8 squads pictured with Father Christmas & THEO (Orient Mascot) after taking half-time penalties during the recent Leyton Orient vs Accrington Stanley league game at Brisbane Road

  SUMMER 2016 


September 2015 

                   A HOUSEBUILDER has donated hundreds of pounds to a football club in Stanford-le-Hope.

Barratt Homes Eastern Counties gave £250 to St Clere?s Football Club in Stanford-le-Hope and the money has been used to fund the men?s side Saturday kit. The housebuilder is currently building new homes at Maple Park on Butts Lane in Stanford-le-Hope and is a neighbour of the club.

Jon Purkiss, Chairman of St Clere?s Football Club, said: ?It is great to know Barratt Homes wants to work with organisations in the community like ourselves and we are very grateful for the support they have given us as their donation will help to fund our kit.?

Jason Colmer, Sales Director for Barratt Homes Eastern Counties, said: ?As well as building new homes we also like to support groups and organisations in the community so we are very pleased to be able to sponsor the kit for St Clere?s Football Club.?

Homes in the current phase of development at Maple Park have all sold out but new homes will be available to buy next year. For more information please visit or call 0844 8114888. The line is open Monday to Friday 8am-9pm and Saturday to Sunday 8am-8pm.


Barratt Homes Eastern Counties has been awarded the maximum five-star official rating from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) for the sixth year in a row. The news was announced after more than 20,000 new homebuyers across the country took part in this year?s HBF customer satisfaction survey.


                                                      U18s win Trinity Tournament


      The future looks good for St.Clere's with our new U8's and U11 Girls teams for next season gaining      runners-up spots in recent Tournaments.


      The Under 8's gained runners-up spot at the recent Harold Hill Tournament losing the final on penalties.


The Under 11 Girls finished runners-up in both Island Girls and Writtle Tournaments, a great achievement in their first competitive games together


June 2014


Members of the U10/11/12 Girls Squad, along with parents, took part in the recent Grays Rotarian bike ride.Their efforts were to raise funds for a team trip to London.They are hoping to raise £300.

All the Girls had a great time and all finished on-time without thankfully any injuries..


19th October 2013

Old kits were collected by St.Clere's Under 14's (sponsored by Griffin Property Services) and these will be donated to St. Anthony's Children's Home in South Africa, as well as other old redundant club kits.

At a press day today photographs were taken by the local media for publishing

If anyone has any clean old shirts/socks/shorts/tracksuits or boots they wish to donate please hand them into your Manager or into St.Clere's School Reception.

22nd June 2013


 Under 11's continue this

season success with a WIN

at the Hawkwell Athletic





              June 2013  --- Saturday Mens Team Awards

The 4th annual St Clere's FC Saturday Mens Awards day went very well. The day started at Sam Madden's house where a feast of food was put on flavoured by a slow burning wooden cooking device that some call a barbeque. The usual suspects were there, with the usual suspects missing as they had for a lot of the season. With our bellies full and our throats lubricated we ventured over to Orsett cricket where we offered our support both vocally and financially to the community. Neil Turnbull was there in his newly purchased decathlon whites to play his first game since school so that must be about 50 years. We then ventured back to Sams for more hydration and some more people turned up and a bit of dancing and frivolity took place. It was then down to the Foxhound Public House where the presentation took place supported by a delightful buffet and some top quality champagne. The Awards involved alcohol and trophies and certificates. There were 3 speeches, actually 2 as Laine was not there due to be terrified of his girlfriend, actually there was 1 speech due to Timcke being terrified of the heckling he received last year. In fact Timcke read his awards from the trophies as he could not remember who had won what. Hales downed his non alcoholic drink like a trooper as did Timcke. Cumbers decided to abuse our big boss man all night telling him how angry a person he was, which he wasn't until Cumbers kept telling him he was. Dude C started to talk spanish and Dude D decided he was just an average left back, not true at all......not sure you are average :-). Ben White played musical parties until about 9pm every time the music stopped he went to a different party. Ravi and Jack T behaved much better than at previous presentations and a big thanks to our main sponsor for the lovely aniseed tasting drink he bought for me which i am sure come in small shot glasses not in 4's.


Leading Scorers 3rds Dan Turner 16    Reserves Neil Turnbull 16    1st Team Chris Nolan 16

Goal of the Season 3rds Michael Cumbers   Reserves Tommy Moseley   1st Team Chris Nolan

Miss of the Season 3rds Dan Turner   Reserves Lee Greaves   1st Team Chris Nolan

Captains Player of the Season 3rds Michael Cumbers      Reserves Neil Turnbull    1st Team Michael Archer

Managers Player of the Season 3rds Dan Turner    Reserves Ryan Shepherd    1st Team Chris Hales

Players Player of the Season  3rds Jordan Stevens  Reserves Ben White   1st Team Chris Nolan/Michael Archer

Young Player of the Season    George Gibbon

Clubman of the Year Ben White

100% Attendance Sam Madden Michael Archer  Chris Nolan

COY  Jon Timcke


 Sunday 28th April 2013

A solitary goal by Alfie helped St.Clere's lift the League Cup with a 1 - 0 win against Focus Ferrers.

Photos can be viewed as a slideshow in Photo Gallery Photo Gallery




Saturday Mens Tour Report

St Cleres Saturday sides had a long away fixture in Newcastle, as always there were the usual last minute drop outs, which left only 8 players able to make the long trip. Debuts were made by Aitchison Archer and White , whilst Yeomans, the Dudes, Payne and Shep provided the experience.
Every player was aware that the fixture was going to be a tough one but they were psyched up and prepared. The trip was a long one totalling 6 hours but the cd provided by chaggers  got everyone in the right frame of mind for the task ahead. KFC provided the carbohydrates needed for the first half and this was regularly topped up by Greggs, Nandos and TGI's as well a constant supply of liquids to prevent dehydration.
The first half started at a great pace and after a quick kit change after the long journey, more carbo loading then took place through beef crisps and the hydration was constant which was taken very seriously by all. The movement shown by Shepherd and White late in the first half was exceptional showing that the early start after a long journey was not going to hinder us and that the thorough warm up brushed away the cobwebs. The opposition proved difficult to read and some of their kits were unusual, whilst many of them looked like they lacked fitness and would have been more at home doing discus, shotput or other events. The first half finished with the substitution of Shepherd and White and on came Nathanial and Billy, whose passing to the Dudes and Aitchison was excellent. The first half finished with a much needed rest.
The second half started later than anticipated as Yeomans managed to play the whole of the first half which was unexpected and so he slept in. This was much appreciated by all. Shepherd and White were brought back on. More carbohydrates were added and the celebration of a first half victory was completed with early champagne and balloons. Archer suffered a horrific injury via an opponents balloon but he carried on manfully. Payn, Shepherd and White had suffered overnight at the hands of one of their own and this resulted in them playing the second half with no sense of smell or taste. The second half was slightly slower than the first at the start but as the endurance training kicked in 
the pace took an up-turn. Again the movement of Shepherd and White was exquisite with Shepherds vertical jump being particularly noted by opponents. Finally during the second half the Dude's were recognised as twins and this then resulted in the locals supporters remembering a certain programme from Essex. This meant more hostility but this only encouraged the Essex side to perform better and beat the Newcastle opponents. Yeomans was taken off early in the second half as his age affected him and he needed to recover in case of extra time. The second half finished on a high, as well as the young ones superb movement there were 3 great performances with Man of the Match being Aitchison given by Payney. Aitchison described the Man of the Match award as the proudest moment of his life and if he had been an athlete it would have been a personal best. Unfortunately the game went into extra time.
Newcastle were definitely gaining the upper hand but Archer, on his birthday, was determined to battle back into the game. After a start at a local hydrating hole where the whole squad looked tired and beaten. Archer brought the side back into the game with an explosion of pace which was not really appreciated but was matched by everyone. A quick change of kit, into something a little more unorthodox, was called for and more comments of Towie followed from local fans. Extra time was quieter but played at a much greater pace thanks to Archer. The movement of White and Shepherd never stopped but the Dudes slowed dramatically mainly due to Archers incredible burst of speed. The Dudes and Archer were subbed early as the experienced Yeomans came to the fore. The end of extra time was met with an introduction to some Indian friends and the wait of 20/50 minutes was much appreciated as the game headed for penalties.
The pens seemed to go on forever and the sustenance provided by bk did not help and proved too much for some players. Most players were too tired to take any penalties although the unstoppable Shepherd continued his excellent movement. Our new signing, Danny livesey, was unable to take a penalty and finally we were beaten and Newcastle won. We can be proud of our efforts especially as numbers were so small but 2000 pound subs and a serious deterioration in fitness over the 3 nights definitely meant a victory for Newcastle....JUST! 
We will take the fixture elsewhere next year and there will be a strict selection criteria to avoid the start to this tour again and the disappointed disheartened tourists needing to be boosted by Chaggers cd.
played every minute Shep 10 White 10 and Aitchison 10 Payn 9 let himself down by showing a lack of match practice by attempting to be sick repeatedly , Dudes 9 superb performance ruined only by a lack of endurance during extra time, Archer 9 committed team mate who peaked early in extra time but used the dudes lack of endurance as an excuse to sub himself. Yeomans 8 excellent management but sulked 2nd half and had to be taken off to ensure availability for extra time. Also his aroma's may have affected the performance of others
M.o.M Aitchison a pb

Mens Saturday Teams Presentation Awards Night 2012

The St Clere's FC Saturday sides celebrated their seasons in style (although the 3rd team still have a Cup Final to play), with a barbeque at Sam's house and then the presentation at the Foxhound in Orsett. It was a fantastic day, the weather was kind to us, the football was on the TV and was kind to us and Trig and the staff at the pub were kind to us. 
The afternoon started with Dude and Nickells winning the money for the Goal Scorers in the Play-Off Final, although no-one else saw any of that money during the day. The barbeque was expertly cooked by Sam Madden although the meat appeared to cause a number of headaches the next morning and also some unusual behaviour during the evening, in fact at one point we all thought Chagger had developed Mad Cow's disease.
Then onto the evening.....our two major sponsors turned up and a HUGE thankyou to Mr Madden and Mr Hales for their amazing continued support without which we would struggle as a club. There were 3 speeches, one given by each Manager and let's just say they were a battle. Well done to all 3 Managers for battling on throughout.....and especially to Timcke who hates public speaking at the best of times but he got through his speech despite the best efforts of a number of the crowd who were beginning to show the symptoms of Mad Cow disease.
Now onto Mr Chagger.......the saying when the cat's away the mice will play springs to mind. Well Ravi played hard but then got caught in his own mouse trap by about 8pm. His behaviour can best be described as random and unusual, in fact the yellow van with the square wheels was called twice, but luckily Ravi managed to take himself home. Move over Jack Tremaine all is forgotten!!!!!!
Dude had a very boring day and was in fact asleep by 10pm.....not the first time on one of our socials!!!!!! In fact we believe he suffers from narcolepsy. The Chelsea fans came out of the woodwork and do you know Craig Payn has been to more Chelsea games than I have ever been too, you have ever been to and even THE WORLD has ever been to?????? Apparently!!!!!!!
The evening finished at 8pm for a minority, midnight for most and 5am for some.....well done all and come on you 3rds.


Young Player: Brad Walker
Clubman: Laine Taylor and Charlie Fitt
COY: Adam Turner
100% attendance: Chris and Darren Nolan

3rd Team Awards

Leading Scorer: Dan Turner
Goal of the Season: Aaron Brown
Miss of the Season: Dan Turner
Captain's Player: Michael Smith
Manager's Player: Laine Taylor
Player's Player: Ravi Chagger (although he could not remember it the next day)


Leading Scorer: Neil Turnbull
Goal of the Season: Neil Turnbull
Miss of the Season: Neil Turnbull
Captain's Player: Brad Walker
Manager's Player: Jordan Stevens
Player's Player: Neil Turnbull

1st team:

Leading Scorer: James Haydon
Goal of the Season: John Gutch
Miss of the Season: Matt Cox
Captain's Player: Craig Payn
Manager's Player: Matt Cox/Sam Madden
Player's Player: Matt Cox

Sunday 25th March 2012

                         Under 10's win Chelmsford League Brentwood Division 1

Sunday 19th February 2012 


                                          Under 12's win Chelmsford League Division 4


Sunday 11th December 2011

          The Under 10's gunning for silverware at their recent Christmas Party

Sunday 4th September 2011

Under 10's start the 2011/12 season with a win at the Essex Royals Tournament


Saturday 2nd July 2011

The Under 9's top Group B of the Ashingdon Youth F.C.Tournament ,with a 100% record, winning all their games and without conceding a single goal in the process


Saturday Mens Team Presentation Night

photos can be found here

After a successful 2009/10 season the St.Clere?s Saturday Men?s Teams were looking forward to the challenge of playing football higher up the league structure for the season just gone. Despite the jump in class they continued to hold their own and are looking to build on this to make the forthcoming season another successful one.

To celebrate this season?s achievements all 3 teams got together at the Foxhounds in Orsett and held an excellent presentation evening.

The ?A? team, managed by Dan Turner finished fourth in their respective league and awards were handed to Aaron Brown , Luke Nicholls, Declan Evans , Ravi Chagger, Jake Conroy and James Barnes.

The Reserve team , managed by Horraine Goffe who we wish all the best for the future on his departure, found it a little tougher finishing seventh. Despite this ,awards were handed to Jack Tremaine who scooped 3 awards, Stuart Knowles , Charlie Fitt and Mitchell Curran  

The first team, managed by Colin Yeomans , played in the Premier league for the first time after promotion and finished a creditable fourth. Chris Nolan (pictured left) received players player award from Ben Madden from sponsors Grays Office Supplies and Trig Hales from Essex Electrical Services. Further awards went to Darren Nolan, Andrew Dobson, Matt Cox, Ryan Shepherd and Sam Madden

Thank to the Foxhounds for their superb hospitality and to the teams sponsors whose contributions this season have been invaluable.

Saturday May 21st 2011

 After winning the League Cup last week the boys turned their attentions to the Essex Cup Tournament at Belhus Park.The teams particpating came mostly from Essex but also some strong teams from East and South London.The team began well by beating Hutton (1-0) , Heath Park (2-0) and Ravens Gliders (3-0). This set up a Group decider with South London Athenlay which the boys unfortunately lost (3-1). In a quirk of fate we were drawn against Athenlay again in the Semi-Final in which we triumphed (1-0) to progress to the Final.The Final against Chingford based Ridegway Rovers was a tense affair but a Ryley goal secured the second cup win in a week.

Well Done Boys a Superb effort.Further photos can be seen here Photo Gallery

Sunday May 15th 2011


A solitary  free-kick goal from Joseph secured the silverware in this tense match. Congratulations to the all the players and supporters and a special thanks to Manager Neil and Coach Kevin for their efforts this season which also saw the team pick up Runners-up spot in the league.Match report to follow. Photos now on Photo Gallery page and can be viewed here





Saturday Mens Tour 2011

click here for photos of tour

 23 tourers left St Clere's heading tfor the centre of England and the delights that surrounded Coventry, luckily 23 returned. The room draw was an exciting process as it was done FA cup style and Biggsy was drawn as the St Clere's FC tour captain. The Dudes drew Laine Taylor and 2hours later he finally managed to stop sulking and threatening to go home and decided he would stay in with them. Friday night was spent warming up for the big cup final on saturday morning v Olton Royale. Lots of liquid hydration took place, lots of muscle relaxation mainly through the aesthetically pleasing form of dance and lots of red bull drank to provide just the right amount of energy. It was decided by all not to waste too much energy sleeping so that everyone was in perfect shape for the game.
Saturday arrived and everyone looked awake and up for the game....Darren Dude Nolan took over the reigns as manager with Colin going as physio. The warm up was fantastic and everyone was ready and raring to go. Their centre forward looked remarkably like Coxy except he scored with his only chance of the game. This was a cup final, trophy and everything. St Clere's started well and soon went ahead through Sam Madden with his first strike of the season, a goal which cost the tour organiser £63 . The game was excellent and both sides played well although at a slightly slower pace than normal, possibly due to the heat or the pitch size or the grass length but definitely not the preparation. Fitt, playing up front, missed a golden opportunity from a couple of yards out. Half time 1-0
The second half was played in a similar vein and the Matt Cox lookalike equalised. St Clere's stepped it up a gear and Chris Dude Nolan scored the winner following a fantastic through ball by Shepherd. Shepherd had a header go just over. Davies made a game saving tackle in the dying moments and St Clere's were champions. Bignall as tour captain collected the managers first trophy and the celebrations began with a hearty post match meal of burger and chips.
The celbrations started with physio Yeomans winning the swep stake. The evening entertainment was excellent with Parkes yet again winning the St Clere's dance off but then taking on all comers and winning the midlands dance off. Royal Leamington Spa played host to the saturday night celebrations as the cup did a bus tour to show off to their many fans.


February 2011

St.Clere's FC awarded FA Charter Standard Youth and Adult 

Club Status



 Tony Bartlett 

We would like to pass all of our thoughts to the Bartlett family after Mr Tony Bartlett died this week after a long battle. He has been a teacher at St Clere's School for 24 years. Many of our players have been taught by Mr Bartlett and they all wish to express what a wonderful teacher and character he was. A number of our players are involved with St Clere's school and have known Tony for many years and they all wish to send their deepest sympathies to the Bartlett family. Tony was a very keen sportsman and a fantastic teacher and person.


Well Done to all who participated in the Movember Campaign and raised a significant amount for Prostate Cancer.See the video courtesy of


A number of St Clere's FC players and St Clere's school staff are taking part in the Movember campaign, grow a moustache for the whole of November to raise money and awareness of testicular and prostate cancer in men.
If you would like to donate to or just support this cause  click on the link



                     Mini - Soccer U9 Tournament Sunday 13th June


Congratulations to Essex Royals who won the inaugural U9

Mini-SoccerTournament beating East Thurrock 1-0 in the

Final. Many Thanks to all teams who attended and hopefully

we will see you all again next year.



Sunday 6th September Launch Day


Councillor Gary Hague Officially opens St.Clere's Football Club


A fantastic day all round saw 20 teams participate in the inaugural St.Clere's Launch Day which was offically opened by Councillor Gary Hague. Funds were raised for this fledgling club but its not all about profit. The club was formed for the community and we hope the boys/men who took part enjoyed the St.Clere's experience and left today eager to spread the word about our existence.

A big thanks to all the commitee members whose time/effort made all this possible

Also a big thank you to the people/companies who donated the raffle/auction prizes which have all been claimed.

yT0gxJYDDOA Video Courtesy of

Sunday 19th July


Club Chairman Bill Mumford pictured with Club Secretary Tracey Price showing the new St.Clere's F.C. Home and Away kits

Thurrock Gazette Article 

St.Clere?s F.C. is a new football club venture for the upcoming season to serve players in the local Thurrock area and will be based at St.Clere?s school, Stanford-Le-Hope, 

The club was created after initial talks in August 2008 between Jon Purkiss (President) and Danny Price (Treasurer). These discussions led to the formation of the club which sees 8 teams participating in the 2009/10 season under the St.Clere?s F.C. banner. These teams will be playing in 5 different leagues (London Echo, Mid-Essex, Chelmsford, Thundermite and Thurrock Vitality Sunday League) and will cover a large area of the Essex/East London border.

The Club will kick-off officially with a Launch day on Sunday September 6th (9.30am). This day will see a variety of local teams being invited to participate against  St.Clere?s teams in friendly, age-grouped Tournaments. The Launch day is open to the public with Refreshments, Stalls, Bouncy Castles available and also a variety of Football based competitions, such as hit-the-crossbar. The Club will also be organising various coaching demonstrations from a UEFA qualified coach which will run throughout the day. 

St.Clere?s Chairman Bill Mumford has high aspirations for the club. He wishes to see all the players develop their footballing skills and techniques but to also enjoy their football whatever the results. He is also keen to develop football for the disabled and to encourage Women?s football and development training for children under 6. 

St.Clere?s F.C.offers state-of-the art, 3G Astroturf, all-weather training facilities as well as a superb pavilion which boasts changing-rooms and a classroom facility. 

Any Managers, Players or other interested parties wishing to join the club or simply wanting more details on this successful venture please contact Tracey Price (Club Secretary) on  07762 000732 or by looking at our website


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